GS-911 EU4 Adaptor Cable for BMW Motorcycles 2017-On Models

  • $30.00

Adaptor to connect the current 10pin GS-911wifi to the new rectangular J1962 (OBD-II) diagnostic connector.

As of 1 January 2017, all BMW motorcycles are required to be EU4 compliant. One of the prerequisites for EU4 is that the diagnostic connector is of the J1962 (OBD-II) type.
For customers who own the current GS-911wifi, and want to use it on the new generation of EU4 compliant motorcycles, this adaptor cable connects the current 10pin GS-911wifi to the new J1962 (OBD-II) diagnostic port on EU4 bikes.

Fitting the new adaptor to a GS-911wifi is easy. Plug in and twist.

2017-on MODELS PLEASE NOTE: the EU4 Adaptor cable is required to connect the GS-911 to the bike's new style diagnostic plug.

Until the pending GS-911 software update is released, the GS-911 will not function on the following BMW motorcycles:

HEX Code is currently implementing support for most of these models. See the roadmap for details.

  • K001 R-Series: R1200GS LC K50 2017 present
  • KE01 C-Series: C Evolution K17 2013 present 


EU4 R-Series:

  • R1200GS LC K50 2017 present
  • R1200RT LC K52 2017 present
  • R1200R LC K53 2017 present
  • R1200RS LC K54 2017 present
  • RnineT K21 2017 present
  • RnineT Scrambler K23 2017 present
  • RnineT Racer K23 2017 present
  • RnineT Pure K23 2017 present
  • RnineT Urban G/S K23 2017 present
EU4 K-Series:
  • K1600GT K48 2017 present
  • K1600GTL K48 2017 present
  • K1600B K48 2017 present

EU4 F-Series: 
  • F800GS K75 2016 present
  • F800GS Adventure K75 2016 present
  • F800R K73 2017 present
  • F800GT K71 2017 present
  • F700GS K70 2017 present
EU4 C-Series:
  • C650 Sport K18 2016 present
  • C650GT K19 2016 present
EU4 G-Series:
  • G310R K03 2016 present
  • G310GS K03 2017 present

EU4 S-Series:

  • S1000RR K46 2017 present
  • S1000R K47 2017 present
  • S1000XR K49 2017 present