USB Weatherproof Power Socket - 2.1 Amp USB Charger

  • $9.95
  • Save $14

The compact all weather USB single power outlet charger provides a dependable source of power/charging capability for electrical accessories using USB adapter plug. The one piece protection cap is new, attached to the outlet so it is always available, easy to open and visually attractive. The all weather straight cord is direct connecting to 12V power system, this system is engineered to power down from 12-24 volt to the USB power requirements of DC 5V +/-0.25 and 2.1A max. Great for all types of motorcycles, cars and recreational vehicles.

  • Direct connect to 12 VDC system (Input voltage is DC 12V +/-4).
  • Powers down to USB power requirements (DC 5V +/-0.25 and 2.1 amp max).
  • Heavy Duty All Weather Design with Zippo Cap Design.
  • USB power port also installs in coach busses, motorhomes, police cars and RVs.
  • Water Resistant, not water immersible.
  • USB Charges: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Blackberry, Garmin GPS, Android, Samsung, HTC EVO, GoPro Hero cameras.
  • Socket is 9/16" x 11/16" x 1 5/8" tall.

Note: When this charger is connected directly to the battery it will draw a very small amount of power (milliAmps). Over time it may drain the battery. We recommend to connect it to a switched power source.