• Thanks so much!!!
    Excellent customer service, man...really, I have owned my own retail store for 18+ years myself. Greatly impressed by your service. Cheers, Jonathan
  • Hi Stephen,
    Thanks better service than the UK.
    Just for your information these are going to be used to power the GoPro3 Blacks while broadcasting the British Downhill Mountain Bike Series LIVE on Another use to add to the list. ~Jed F.
  • Hi Stephen
    I've just received the replacement USB. Of course, I must say I'm very impressed and will let people know about your after sales service. It is, to say the least, one of the best. I will certainly be looking in your direction when I will need gear for the bike. Thanks again, ~Marc
  • Hi Stephen!
    Ordered on Thursday 08/03 and received Monday 08/08 here in Belgium (almost at the other end of the world?). Fast, accurate, great service and products exactly as I was looking for my K1600GT! I will recommend you around me without a doubt! Again, thanks a lot for all this! Greetings, ~Georges C.
  • Dear Mr. Burns,
    Today I received your package! It took only one week for California to the Netherlands in Europe. Thank you very much. ~Albert K.
  • I bought one of these things from Burnszilla and I've got to say that it has been absolutely the best thing I have ever purchased for a motorcycle. THE BEST! Well, except the replacement seat I bought at the MOA Rally in Redmond about 10 years ago. It took days to recover my former sitting ability after spending many hours on the stock BMW seat. That was the best. So I guess this thing is the second best. Maybe I should try sitting on the USB charger & see how that is. Anyway... Burnszilla is a good guy. Buy one & be amazed! ~AceRlp
  • Ordered Tuesday, arrived Wednesday. Fast service, great customer service. Hope I never have to use! ~Time Traveller
  • I ordered a BMW fuel pump bypass cable and an SAE battery lead from Burnszilla emailed me asking if I had correctly ordered the 2 very different items. I called him and let him know that, in fact I did order the 2 items on purpose (One for my ATV and the other for my GSA). I hung up the phone, and then the USPS man was there with my order from Burnszilla! ~Donz
  • Recently updated my cellphone and I wanted to take advantage of a smaller charging cable (the usb variant) instead of the "large" factory cigarette lighter connector. Burnszilla came to the rescue with the addition of the usb/cigarette lighter adapter, a whole bunch smaller in size! Ordered 2 yesterday and they both arrived today! Speedy service, quality product!! Life is good. ~Time Traveller
  • I ordered your weatherproof usb power socket last Friday 8/13 and it arrived Monday 8/16!!! (California to Minnesota) So refreshing to deal with a company that places an emphasis on customer service! Looking forward to using your product on motorcycle trip to Glacier National and Yellowstone. Thanks again! ~Jonathan B.
  • Stephen, I just wanted to thank you for the quick shipping and the great USB charger. The USB charger arrived on Thursday last week and I installed it on Friday. I left for a ride this morning with my iPhone at about 35% charge, and arrived with it at 75%, streaming music the whole time. It works perfectly. Thanks again. ~Aaron P.
  • Stephen, I looked on your web site for a forum to leave a positive feedback. I saw the testimonials, however, there was not a link leave one there. I will tell all my biker-friends of your products.
    I was very pleased the short time it took to receive my USB Weatherproof Power Socket Charger following my order. I miss-ordered the cord-length and immediately, Stephen put the correct one in the mail with an inclosed self return mailing label for the original. What a business!!! BurnsMoto is out to take take of their customers. It's a rarity to see this. All their products are of quality design and materials. Well worth putting trust in BurnsMoto products.
    Thanks Stephen; I myself or referred friends will definitely be making future purchases from ~James M.
  • Received the usb charger today and fitted it straight away, it works great. I certainly will be recommending your products and the fast delivery service you use. Thanks again. Regards, ~Mark P. in Australia
  • Utterly some of the finest customer service I have ever experienced! Thank You Very Much, ~Jack F.
  • BurnsMoto - Great Customer Service
    Just wanted to share a great experience with an outstanding vendor and an owner who is responsive--even when I call and learn he's recovering from surgery and taking strong post-op meds!! I have absolutely no affiliation with BurnsMoto. I'm just a very satisfied customer.

    The short story is that I received an electrical part, hooked it up to my R1200GS, had a slight issue and called BurnsMoto. Stephen, the owner, answered the phone and we discussed the problem. He didn't pause or make excuses. He just merely wanted to satisfy the customer. I called on Monday and received the replacement part today. It's service like this that keeps customers coming back.
    Thank you BurnsMoto!!
    ~Best, Tom